How to host and share Data Docs on S3

This guide will explain how to host and share Data Docs on AWS S3.

Prerequisites: This how-to guide assumes you have already:


  1. Configure an S3 bucket.

You can configure an S3 bucket using the AWS CLI. Make sure you modify the bucket name and region for your situation.

> aws s3api create-bucket --bucket data-docs.my_org --region us-east-1
    "Location": "/data-docs.my_org"
  1. Configure your bucket policy to enable appropriate access.

The example policy below enforces IP-based access - modify the bucket name and IP addresses for your situation. After you have customized the example policy to suit your situation, save it to a file called ip-policy.json in your local directory.


Your policy should provide access only to appropriate users. Data Docs sites can include critical information about raw data and should generally not be publicly accessible.

  "Version": "2012-10-17",
  "Statement": [{
    "Sid": "Allow only based on source IP",
    "Effect": "Allow",
    "Principal": "*",
    "Action": "s3:GetObject",
    "Resource": [
    "Condition": {
      "IpAddress": {
        "aws:SourceIp": [
  1. Apply the policy.

Run the following CLI command to apply the policy:

> aws s3api put-bucket-policy --bucket data-docs.my_org --policy file://ip-policy.json
  1. Add a new S3 site to the data_docs_sites section of your great_expectations.yml

You may also replace the default local_site if you would only like to maintain a single S3 Data Docs site.

    class_name: SiteBuilder
    show_how_to_buttons: true
      class_name: TupleFilesystemStoreBackend
      base_directory: uncommitted/data_docs/local_site/
      class_name: DefaultSiteIndexBuilder
  s3_site:  # this is a user-selected name - you may select your own
    class_name: SiteBuilder
      class_name: TupleS3StoreBackend
      bucket: data-docs.my_org  # UPDATE the bucket name here to match the bucket you configured above.
      class_name: DefaultSiteIndexBuilder
      show_cta_footer: true
  1. Test that your configuration is correct by building the site.

Use the following CLI command: great_expectations docs build --site-name s3_site. If successful, the CLI will open your newly built S3 Data Docs site and provide the URL, which you can share as desired. Note that the URL will only be viewable by users with IP addresses appearing in the above policy.

> great_expectations docs build --site-name s3_site

The following Data Docs sites will be built:

 - s3_site:

Would you like to proceed? [Y/n]: Y

Building Data Docs...

Done building Data Docs

Note you may want to use the -y/–yes/–assume-yes flag which skips the confirmation dialog. This can be useful for non-interactive environments.

Additional notes

Optionally, you may wish to update static hosting settings for your bucket to enable AWS to automatically serve your index.html file or a custom error file:

> aws s3 website s3://data-docs.my_org/ --index-document index.html

If you wish to host a Data Docs site in a “subfolder” of an S3 bucket, add the prefix property to the configuration snippet in step 4, immediately after the bucket property.