How to trigger Slack notifications as a Validation Action

This guide will help you trigger Slack notifications as a Validation Action . It will allow you to send a Slack message including information about a Validation Result, including whether or not the Validation succeeded.

Prerequisites: This how-to guide assumes that you have already:

  • Configured a Slack app with the Webhook function enabled (See Additional Resources below for more information on setting up a new Slack app).

  • Obtained the Webhook address for your Slack app.

  • Identified the Slack channel that messages will be sent to.


  1. Open uncommitted/config_variables.yml file and add validation_notification_slack_webhook variable by adding the following line:

validation_notification_slack_webhook: [address to web hook]
  1. Open great_expectations.yml and add send_slack_notification_on_validation_result action to validation_operators. Make sure the following section exists in the great_expectations.yml file.

        # To learn how to configure sending Slack notifications during evaluation
        # (and other customizations), read:
        class_name: ActionListValidationOperator
        # here is what you will be adding
        - name: send_slack_notification_on_validation_result # name can be set to any value
            class_name: SlackNotificationAction
            # put the actual webhook URL in the uncommitted/config_variables.yml file
            slack_webhook: ${validation_notification_slack_webhook}
            notify_on: all # possible values: "all", "failure", "success"
              module_name: great_expectations.render.renderer.slack_renderer
              class_name: SlackRenderer
  1. Run your action_list_operator, to validate a batch of data and receive Slack notification on the success or failure of validation suite.

context.run_validation_operator('action_list_operator', assets_to_validate=batch, run_name="slack_test")

If successful, you should receive a Slack message that looks like this:


Additional resources

  • Instructions on how to set up a Slack app with webhook can be found in the documentation for the Slack API