Metrics are values derived from one or more Data Assets that can be used to evaluate expectations or to summarize the result of Validation. A Metric is obtained from an ExpectationValidationResult or ExpectationSuiteValidationResult by providing the metric_name and metric_kwargs or metric_kwargs_id.

A metric name is a dot-delimited string that identifies the value, such as expect_column_values_to_be_unique .success or expect_column_values_to_be_between.result.unexpected_percent.

Metric Kwargs are key-value pairs that identify the metric within the context of the validation, such as “column”: “Age”. Different metrics may require different Kwargs.

A metric_kwargs_id is a string representation of the Metric Kwargs that can be used as a database key. For simple cases, it could be easily readable, such as column=Age, but when there are multiple keys and values or complex values, it will most likely be an md5 hash of key/value pairs. It can also be None in the case that there are no kwargs required to identify the metric.

See the Metrics Reference or Saving Metrics Tutorial for more information.