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TEMPLATE: How to {do something}

This guide will help you {do something.} {That something is important or useful, because of some reason.}

Prerequisites: This how-to guide assumes you have already:


  1. First, do something bashy.

    something --foo bar
  2. Next, do something with yml.

      expectations: # Look, comments work, too!
        class_name: DefaultSiteSectionBuilder
        source_store_name: expectations_store
          module_name: great_expectations.render.renderer
          class_name: ExpectationSuitePageRenderer
  3. Next, try a python snippet or two.

    batch.expect_table_row_count_to_be_between(min_value=1000, max_value=4000)

    Here’s a pinch of connecting text.

    batch.expect_table_row_count_to_be_between(min_value=2000, max_value=5000)

Additional notes

How-to guides are not about teaching or explanation. They are about providing clear, bite-sized replication steps. If you must include a longer explanation, it should go in this section.

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