How to run a Checkpoint in terminal

This guide will help you run a Checkpoint in a terminal.

Prerequisites: This how-to guide assumes you have already:


Docs for Legacy Checkpoints (<=0.13.7)

  1. Checkpoints can be run like applications from the command line by running:

great_expectations checkpoint run my_checkpoint
Validation failed!
  1. Next, observe the output which will tell you if all validations passed or failed.

This command will return posix status codes and print messages as follows:


Return code


all validations passed


Validation succeeded!

one or more validation failed


Validation failed!

Docs for Class-Based Checkpoints (>=0.13.8)

The CLI does not yet support the new-style Checkpoints. Please refer to How to run a Checkpoint in python for a how-to guide on running a Checkpoint.