Run great_expectations initΒΆ

The command line interface (CLI) provides the easiest way to start using Great Expectations.

The init command will walk you through setting up a new project and connecting to your data.

Make sure that the machine that you installed GE on has access to a filesystem with data files (e.g., CSV) or a database.

If you prefer to use some sample data first, we suggest this example data from the United States Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services National Provider Identifier Standard (NPI). Some later Great Expectations tutorials use this dataset, so this will make it easy to follow along.

To download this sample dataset:

git clone
cd ge_example_project

Once you have decided which data you will use, you are ready to start. Run this command in the terminal:

great_expectations init

After you complete the init command, read this article to get a more complete picture of how data teams use Great Expectations: typical_workflow.

last updated: Aug 13, 2020