To add a Redshift datasource do this:

  1. Run great_expectations datasource new

  2. Choose the SQL option from the menu.

  3. When asked which sqlalchemy driver to use enter redshift.

  4. Consult the SQLAlchemy docs for help building a connection string for your Redshift cluster. It will look something like this:

    Note we have had better luck so far using postgres dialect instead of redshift dialect.

    "postgresql+psycopg2://username:[email protected]"
  5. Paste in this connection string and finish out the cli prompts.

  6. Should you need to modify your connection string you can manually edit the great_expectations/uncommitted/config_variables.yml file.

Additional Notes

Depending on your Redshift cluster configuration, you may or may not need the sslmode parameter at the end of the connection url. You can delete everything after the ? in the connection string above.