This is a basic generated Great Expectations script that runs a Checkpoint.

Checkpoints are the primary method for validating batches of data in production and triggering any followup actions.

A Checkpoint facilitates running a validation as well as configurable Actions such as updating Data Docs, sending a notification to team members about validation results, or storing a result in a shared cloud storage.

See also <cyan></cyan> for more information about the Checkpoints and how to configure them in your Great Expectations environment.

Checkpoints can be run directly without this script using the great_expectations checkpoint run command. This script is provided for those who wish to run Checkpoints in python.

Usage: - Run this file: python great_expectations/uncommitted/run_{0:s}.py. - This can be run manually or via a scheduler such, as cron. - If your pipeline runner supports python snippets, then you can paste this into your pipeline.

Module Contents

great_expectations.cli.checkpoint_script_template.data_context :DataContext
great_expectations.cli.checkpoint_script_template.result :CheckpointResult