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Anonymize string names in an optionally-consistent way.

class great_expectations.core.usage_statistics.anonymizers.anonymizer.Anonymizer(salt=None)

Anonymize string names in an optionally-consistent way.

property salt(self)
anonymize(self, string_)
anonymize_object_info(self, anonymized_info_dict, ge_classes, object_=None, object_class=None, object_config=None, runtime_environment=None)
static _is_parent_class_recognized(classes_to_check, object_=None, object_class=None, object_config=None)

Check if the parent class is a subclass of any core GE class. This private method is intended to be used by anonymizers in a public is_parent_class_recognized() method. These anonymizers define and provide the core GE classes_to_check. :returns: The name of the parent class found, or None if no parent class was found