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StoreBackend(fixed_length_key=False, suppress_store_backend_id=False, manually_initialize_store_backend_id: str = ‘’, store_name=’no_store_name’)

A store backend acts as a key-value store that can accept tuples as keys, to abstract away

InMemoryStoreBackend(runtime_environment=None, fixed_length_key=False, suppress_store_backend_id=False, manually_initialize_store_backend_id: str = ‘’, store_name=None)

Uses an in-memory dictionary as a store backend.
class, suppress_store_backend_id=False, manually_initialize_store_backend_id: str = '', store_name='no_store_name')

A store backend acts as a key-value store that can accept tuples as keys, to abstract away reading and writing to a persistence layer.

In general a StoreBackend implementation must provide implementations of:
  • _get

  • _set

  • list_keys

  • _has_key

IGNORED_FILES = ['.ipynb_checkpoints']
STORE_BACKEND_ID_KEY = ['.ge_store_backend_id']
STORE_BACKEND_ID_PREFIX = store_backend_id =
STORE_BACKEND_INVALID_CONFIGURATION_ID = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000e003
property fixed_length_key(self)
property store_name(self)
_construct_store_backend_id(self, suppress_warning: bool = False)

Create a store_backend_id if one does not exist, and return it if it exists If a valid UUID store_backend_id is passed in param manually_initialize_store_backend_id and there is not already an existing store_backend_id then the store_backend_id from param manually_initialize_store_backend_id is used to create it. :param suppress_warning: boolean flag for whether warnings are logged


store_backend_id which is a UUID(version=4)

property store_backend_id(self)
property store_backend_id_warnings_suppressed(self)
get(self, key, **kwargs)
set(self, key, value, **kwargs)
move(self, source_key, dest_key, **kwargs)
has_key(self, key)
get_url_for_key(self, key, protocol=None)
_validate_key(self, key)
_validate_value(self, value)
abstract _get(self, key)
abstract _set(self, key, value, **kwargs)
abstract _move(self, source_key, dest_key, **kwargs)
abstract list_keys(self, prefix=())
abstract remove_key(self, key)
abstract _has_key(self, key)
is_ignored_key(self, key)
property config(self)
class, fixed_length_key=False, suppress_store_backend_id=False, manually_initialize_store_backend_id: str = '', store_name=None)


Uses an in-memory dictionary as a store backend.

_get(self, key)
_set(self, key, value, **kwargs)
_move(self, source_key, dest_key, **kwargs)
list_keys(self, prefix=())
_has_key(self, key)
remove_key(self, key)
property config(self)