How to add comments to a page on

Many of the pages in Great Expectations’ documentation allow comments through our discussion forum. Here’s how to enable comments, specifically on How-to guides.

Prerequisites: This how-to guide assumes you have already:


  1. Create and publish an article on the Great Expectations discussion forum.

    • Please use the title of your How-to Guide as the title of the article (Ex: “How to configure an ActionListValidationOperator”).

    • Please copy and paste this text into the body of the article, and replace the link with your guide’s link.

    This article is for comments to:{some_path}/{your_guide_name}.html
    Please comment +1 if this How-to Guide is important to you.
  2. After publishing the article, find the topic_id at the end of the article’s URL: (Ex: 219 in /t/how-to-configure-an-actionlistvalidationoperator/219). Please add this code to the bottom of your Guide, and replace {topic_id} with the real id.


    .. discourse::
        :topic_identifier: {topic_id}

Additional Notes

The sphinxcontrib-discourse plugin used for this integration requires a verified domain, in this case During local development and PR review, you will see something like this:


Don’t be alarmed. This is normal. Your comment box will appear as soon as the page goes live on


After at least one comment has been added, it will look like this.