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CLIState(v3_api: bool = True, config_file_location: Optional[str] = None, data_context: Optional[DataContext] = None, assume_yes: bool = False)

CLI(name=None, invoke_without_command=False, no_args_is_help=None, subcommand_metavar=None, chain=False, result_callback=None, **attrs)

A multi command is the basic implementation of a command that


cli(ctx, v3_api, verbose, config_file_location, assume_yes)

Welcome to the great_expectations CLI!


class great_expectations.cli.cli.CLIState(v3_api: bool = True, config_file_location: Optional[str] = None, data_context: Optional[DataContext] = None, assume_yes: bool = False)
property data_context(self)

Return repr(self).

class great_expectations.cli.cli.CLI(name=None, invoke_without_command=False, no_args_is_help=None, subcommand_metavar=None, chain=False, result_callback=None, **attrs)

Bases: click.MultiCommand

A multi command is the basic implementation of a command that dispatches to subcommands. The most common version is the Group.

  • invoke_without_command – this controls how the multi command itself is invoked. By default it’s only invoked if a subcommand is provided.

  • no_args_is_help – this controls what happens if no arguments are provided. This option is enabled by default if invoke_without_command is disabled or disabled if it’s enabled. If enabled this will add --help as argument if no arguments are passed.

  • subcommand_metavar – the string that is used in the documentation to indicate the subcommand place.

  • chain – if this is set to True chaining of multiple subcommands is enabled. This restricts the form of commands in that they cannot have optional arguments but it allows multiple commands to be chained together.

  • result_callback – the result callback to attach to this multi command.

list_commands(self, ctx)

Returns a list of subcommand names in the order they should appear.

get_command(self, ctx, name)

Given a context and a command name, this returns a Command object if it exists or returns None.

static print_ctx_debugging(ctx)
static is_v3_api(ctx)

Determine if v3 api is requested by searching context params.

great_expectations.cli.cli.cli(ctx, v3_api, verbose, config_file_location, assume_yes)

Welcome to the great_expectations CLI!

Most commands follow this format: great_expectations <NOUN> <VERB>

The nouns are: checkpoint, datasource, docs, init, project, store, suite, validation-operator. Most nouns accept the following verbs: new, list, edit