This is a basic generated Great Expectations script that runs a checkpoint.

Internally, a Checkpoint is a list of one or more batches paired with one or more Expectation Suites and a configurable Validation Operator.

Checkpoints can be run directly without this script using the great_expectations checkpoint run command. This script is provided for those who wish to run checkpoints via python.

Data that is validated is controlled by BatchKwargs, which can be adjusted in the checkpoint file: great_expectations/checkpoints/{0}.yml.

Data are validated by use of the ActionListValidationOperator which is configured by default. The default configuration of this Validation Operator saves validation results to your results store and then updates Data Docs.

This makes viewing validation results easy for you and your team.

Usage: - Run this file: python great_expectations/uncommitted/run_{0}.py. - This can be run manually or via a scheduler such as cron. - If your pipeline runner supports python snippets you can paste this into your pipeline.

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