Getting started with Great Expectations – v3 (Batch Request) API

Welcome to Great Expectations! This tutorial will help you set up your first local deployment of Great Expectations that contains a small Expectation Suite to validate some sample data. We’ll also introduce important concepts, with links to detailed material you can dig into later.


The steps described in this tutorial assume you want to use the Great Expectations v3 (Batch Requests) API. The CLI commands used in this tutorial are available in Great Expectations version 0.13.19 and above. To understand the differences between the v2 and v3 APIs, read this article.

The tutorial will walk you through the following steps:

  1. First, we will introduce you to the data and help you initialize a Data Context.

  2. Then you will learn how to configure a Datasource to connect to your data.

  3. You will then create your first Expectation Suite using the built-in automated profiler.

  4. We’ll also give you a tour of Data Docs to view your validation results.

  5. We will show you how to use this Expectation Suite to validate a new batch of data.

  6. Finally, in the optional section, you will learn how to customize your deployment.

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